JustMeAndE- Just who are we?

The inspiration behind JustMeAndE is my son, Elijah. My son, Elijah, was diagnosed inutero at 18 weeks with a couple of very severe birth defects. He was diagnosed with cogenital diagphragmatic hernia (CDH) and hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). My husband and I sought out the opinion and help of several doctors, both locally and in other states, after our initial diagnosis. After traveling many miles to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), we learned that Elijah's lungs just would not be strong enough to undergo the stress of open heart surgery to correct the HLHS, due to the severity of the CDH. The doctors there suggested that we not intervene medically. My husband and I prayed...constantly. We had prayer chains going on all over the world. We prayed for a miracle. We prayed for answers as to what we should do. We prayed for Elijah. We knew God had plans for our son and we trusted him. My husband and I decided to continue with the pregnancy and take each day at a time. To enjoy the time we had with our son.

It was during this time of my pregnancy that I spent ALOT of time sewing! It gave me something to do. Something to focus on besides the upcoming fate of my son. It became my time to just be "me". I had several friends who were pregnant along with me and instead of going out to the store to buy them gifts I made them custom diaper wiper holders. Going to the store to look at newborn items was just too hard on me. And besides, my friends loved  their "custom" gift from me!

My son was born on May 16,2007 at 7:22pm. Out of my three children, he was the easiest labor and delivery! Elijah earned his wings into Heaven that same night at 8pm. Just 42 minutes after he was born. He passed away in our arms peacefully. Although Elijah is not of this Earth...he is forever in our hearts!

It is because of him that I picked up sewing again. It is because of him that I am making diaper/wipe holders to help ease our medical bills that we incurred throughtout my pregnancy to help Elijah. As well as donating to *charities that I hold near and dear to my heart. It is because of Elijah that JustMeAndE even exists.